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The Ten Commandments of $GENSLR:


Thou shalt prioritize the empowerment of individuals and communities, embracing the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to revolutionize the global financial landscape.

Thou shalt advocate for crypto-friendly policies, decision-makers, and regulations, fostering a forward-thinking and inclusive environment for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Thou shalt collaborate with fellow $GENSLR members, creating a supportive and unified community that champions the interests of the global crypto landscape.

Thou shalt embrace the meme of Gary Gensler, transforming him into a symbol for change and advocating for a more progressive and crypto-friendly future through Good Gary.

Thou shalt celebrate the spirit of Good Gary, representing the collective wisdom, passion, and commitment of our community in shaping a brighter future for all.

Thou shalt promote education, awareness, and understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and participate in the digital economy.

Thou shalt uphold the values of transparency, fairness, and accessibility in all cryptocurrency-related endeavors, fostering trust and cooperation within the community.

Thou shalt respect the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and opinions within the $GENSLR community, nurturing an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding.

Thou shalt strive for constant innovation, contributing to the advancement of blockchain technology and championing new solutions that drive positive change in the world.

Thou shalt cherish the power of the community, recognizing that unity is our strength and that, together, we can make Good Gary a lasting symbol of hope and progress for the crypto community worldwide.

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$GENSLR 10 Commandments (funny)


Thou shalt not take the SEC’s name in vain, unless it’s to mock Gensler with $GENSLR’s gain.

Thou shalt not worship false tokens, unless they’re memes that mock SEC’s regulator’s notions.

Thou shalt remember to HODL $GENSLR, for it will make Gensler’s blood boil and simmer.

Honor thy $GENSLR whales and paper hands alike, for they help keep the meme token’s price spike.

Thou shalt not sell $GENSLR short, lest you be cursed with a lifetime of being caught.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against $GENSLR, or face the wrath of its community’s furor.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s $GENSLR stack, instead, hodl more and laugh at Gensler’s smack.

Thou shalt not steal $GENSLR from a friend, for that’s not what the meme token’s about, my friend.

Thou shalt not discriminate against any $GENSLR holder, be they rich or poor, young or older.

Thou shalt not forget the power of memes, for $GENSLR has the power to make Gensler scream.


Written By Crypto Gillz!