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No really, take a few minutes, open your mind, and hear me out….

When you first hear about $Genslr you most likely hear about it under the guise of a meme coin. But if you take a little bit of time and DYOR as you should, it quickly becomes apparent that $Gensler is something more, much more. The people who created $Genslr have a plan, its launch coincides perfectly with what is happening between the Blockchain industry and the SEC and Gary Gensler.

If you follow the $Genslr Telegram and Twitter and read a bit between the lines there is a plan and schedule which is being adhered to and executed very well. Before we go any further lets go over some key points of the $Genslr project.


$Genslr Project Key Points

NOTE: $Genslr stands for “Good Gary Gensler” for the story on this check the official site.

  • 90% of $Genslr tokens are locked in liquidity pool for the next 99 years.
  • Smart Contract is Renounced, you can see the contract here.
  • 5% retained for CEX listings.
  • 5% for Good Gary which I assume is some pay for the team.
  • Community driven project, the only people that can rug it is the community, which is about as unlikely as Gary Gensler making sense with his regulations.
  • Very strong and active team and community.
  • Great organic growth both in community and holders.


$Genslr Has Pioneered a New Genre in memecoins

I would even go farther then a new genre and say $Genslr is on its way to be something entirely new, I’ll call it CAAM (Crypto As a Movement) because I like abbreviations and well it sounds cool.

Up until a few days ago nobody had ever heard of using a token as a movement or protest (afaik), and this is exactly what $Genslr is doing. It has been wildly successful in the 8 days since it launched. Often trending on Twitter it has had millions of tweets about it and sports a fast growing community.

War cries and #hashtags On Twitter

You will see a few key war cries by $Genslr supporters on Twitter, such as:

  • Buy $GENSLR = Bye Gensler
  • Buy $Genslr to fire $gensler
  • Buying $Genslr is firing $gensler
  • $Genslr #genslertapes


So What is the point?

The point (as far as I understand) is to harness the power of the Blockchain and the Blockchain community to put pressure on the “Establishment”, mainly the SEC and Gary Gensler. Create a movement, a voice so loud it cannot be ignored, so loud it forcefully ushers in changes that are much needed. Imagine the Blockchain and Crypto united behind a single movement, just how loud and powerful that movement would be.

Ultimately for most this would mean Gary Gensler leaving his seat at the SEC and major changes to the SEC and their policies both internal and external in regards to Blockchain and Crypto. Everybody that holds $Genslr no matter the amount is telling Gensler and the SEC “We aint gonna take it no more“.

I am not going into why “Gary” needs to go or why the SEC needs to be replaced or have a major overhaul in this article. But here is a good video from Coin Telegraph which sums it up nicely:


So it is something new, will it work?

I believe it has a very good chance for multiple reasons.

1.) It has become pretty apparent to me that the creators of $Genslr have a well thought out plan which they are executing on a schedule. The growth and attention the project is getting and its direction are undeniable and I think they have much more in store.

2.) The core community is very strong and active and self governs very well. It perseveres and continues to grow rapidly even through rough market days.

3.) The timing is perfect both in what is happening currently between the Blockchain industry and the SEC, but also with how meme coins are performing right now.

I think in short order that $Genslr will be everywhere, it will become a household term.



There are many ways to participate in this CAAM project, you do not have to buy it. Posting about it on social media, talking with friends and family about it, making stickers and leaving them on drive-thru windows, they all work!!

If you are thinking about buying please remember, Crypto is volatile, and meme coins or in this case CAAM are even moreso, only invest what you are prepared to lose!