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Hello $GENSLR army! The Twitter spaces last night got me to thinking…..

Man what a community we have, the amount that has been accomplished in just two short weeks is mind blowing. I think this is important to remember as charts and price tend to suck people in and that gets fixated on.

$GENSLR is incredibly strong and resilient on the market and what would have destroyed most tokens GENSLR eats and just keeps going.

What am I talking about?

There have been whales exiting, dumping trillions and trillions of $GENSLR, I believe there is one very large whale that was in really early. He has been suppressing the price.

Is that bad?

No, I do not think it is, I believe it is a good thing, and I only believe that because I know how strong $GENSLR is. The price action of $GENSLR is remarkably stable and is maintaining an upward trend. What this is doing is taking trillions of $GENSLR out of wallets that are not interested in the movement and allowing people that do believe in it, entry at an excellent price.

With the heat the community is bringing (see below) these big wallets are exhausting their reserves quickly, and price suppression is nearly done. Once it is done we have a large group of holders that are not going to dump or panic sell. So when $GENSLR does start its rip upwards the candle is going to be:


No Doubt Zoom Out

I am not talking about charts here, I am talking about the project as a whole.

  • April 19 2023 project launch.
  • April 22nd 2023 ATH of 12 million MC and 2 million/day volume.
  • April 22nd to April 26 trending consistently on Twitter, millions of Tweets.
  • April 23 Listed on Poloniex.
  • April 24 Listed on LBANK.
  • April 26 Twitter account hits 3000 followers.
  • May 04 2023 added to Coinbase (charts and info)
  • May 04 2023 Fiat onramp / offramp added ( (Koko rocks)
  • May 04 2023 Talked about on Triggered by BitBoy and Donald Trump Jr. (video clip here)
  • May 05 2023 added to Coinbase wallet (Swap)
  • May 5th 2023 Twitter account breaks 7200 followers
  • May 6th Twitter account breaks 17k followers (crazy fast growth!)
  • May 6th Jude visits the SEC. Story here
  • May 6th trending on Twitter 1.9 million tweet
  • May 6th new ATH
  • May 7th trending on Twitter 2.13 million tweets

The Coinbase adds were done very fast, especially adding $GENSLR to the Coinbase wallet. I have never seen a low Market Cap added to Coinbase wallet that fast. Is Brian Armstrong and Coinbase sending a message?


Building Rome Was Not Done In a Day

The $GENSLR is something never seen before, and it will take time for people to take off their memecoin blinders and look behind the curtain. To see what $GENSLR truly is, what it is doing, and what it is accomplishing and the massive potential to do so much more.

Are you not sure what $GENSLR is doing? Look here for more information.

I have been in Crypto since 2017, I have been a part of and helped some large projects, and I am telling $GENSLR is special, not something you come across every day. Cherish it, and help it flourish! There is so much coming for $GENSLR, don’t miss it.

Make sure to check out the daily and nightly Twitter spaces. There is a nightly Twitter spaces at 10PM EST and an impromptu space usually during the day, keep an eye out for it in Telegram.