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This post is a copy of an absolute beauty of a tweet by @MtnBuu on $GENSLR. This post really resonated with me and does an excellent job of describing what $GENSLR is about.

The vibe and feeling of this post is tangible. This is what $GENSLR is awakening, and when that sleeping giant finally is awake everybody is going to take notice.


Its’s Jan. 27, 2021.

You’ve heard the buzz, everyone had.

Buy $GME to short squeeze the machine.

“We like the stock,” fingers typed across r/WSB.

Come Jan. 28 , we know what happened.

broke the law and manipulated markets to let
‘s Billionaires out of their short position.

Fuck us, right?

No. Fuck that.

When this $GENSLR shit coin first popped up a few days ago, I didn’t get it.

Who cares about the SEC Chair as the face of a shit coin, I naively thought? It’s not like he directly froze trading on $GME and $AMC

But now I understand.

It’s not about the letter of what happened, it’s about the spirit of financial freedom.

This is about much more than Robinhood and Citadel.

Gary Gensler was complicit, even seeming to agree with the motion to halt trading for his wallstreet acolytes.

$GENSLR is about the opportunity to channel that collective frustration from the $GME debacle, and the numerous other financial transgressions our elite impose upon us, into a message for wallstreet and the powers that be.

Let Gary Gensler be that face for this message.

Or perhaps a mirror more than a message.

A movement so large and undeniably embarrassing for Gary Gensler that it transcends even our own grandest ambitions for this movement and penetrates his handlers directly through indirect pressure on

The machine is our target, Gary Gensler is but our vessel.

But if for nothing else, for the first time in his life, we are able to force Gary to look at the man in the mirror
through $GENSLR, then this will have been a worthy endeavor.

Make no mistake
, that the spirit of defiance in the face of the worst kind of tyranny {greed}, is not only a right but a duty.

For it is only through the unyielding pact that each member hitherto pledge that,

to all who seek to manipulate and exploit the markets



Today, we declare our independence from the outdated and corrupt financial systems of the past.

With the power of cryptocurrency and the $GENSLR coin, we forge a new path towards financial freedom and fairness for all.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that the pursuit of equal justice and fairness is essential for the preservation of our financial freedoms.

No longer will we be held captive by the whims of a select few, for we stand united in our pursuit of a transparent and decentralized financial future.

The time has come for a financial revolution, and with the $GENSLR coin, WE intend to deliver you this message.

Prepare to learn what a security is, Gary.