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Uniramp has been so kind as to support the GENSLR movement (thank you!), and listed us for free. This gives anybody, anywhere a quick and easy way to purchase GENSLR with Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. You can se the full list of supported currencies and payment options here.

For this article I will use Credit Card to buy GENSLR.

How To Buy GENSLR @ Uniramp


NOTE: Make sure you have MetaMask installed before you proceed. If you are not sure how to install MetaMask follow the install part of this guide.


Click Try Beta



It will ask you to connect MetaMask, go for it!



NOTE: Minimum buy at this time is $40 USD.


Search for GENSLR and select it:



It will give you a quote showing how much you will receive and estimated fee:



Now click connect wallet and click “Sign” (I forgot to make a screen!), now click the “Next Step” button.

Now you will have a provider to choose, I chose Moonpay.



This will attempt to open a popup, FireFox will block it by default, just click “Open in new tab”, you should be here:



Enter your email address and proceed, the next steps will depend on how you are paying, but it is just a standard transaction at this point. Follow the steps it is simple. You may notice it talks about purchasing ETH not GENSLR, this is expected. You should now end up on a screen like this:



Once your ETH purchase is completed a swap for GENSLR will be initiated in your MetaMask. If for some reason your swap fails or does not work properly you will have an option to redo it on the page.