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This how to buy GENSLR guide assumes you have basic knowledge of Cryptocurrency. To purchase GENSLR (Good Gary GENSLR) which is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain you will need ETH (Ethereum).


Things You Will Need

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Metamask (DEX guide)
  • WalletGuard (DEX guide)
  • MEV protection (DEX guide)

Note: DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange.


Requirements Explanation


Metamask is a browser based Web3 Ethereum wallet (extension) which also supports a variety of Blockchains, tokens, and NFTs.

WalletGuard is a Web3 security layer between your browser and Metamask, it is also an extension. In the near future WalletGuard will be integrated into Metamask and you will no longer need separate extension for it. This is a very important thing to have active! There are huge amounts of scams and phishing sites. You can lose your Crypto in a single click, WalletGuard goes a long ways in preventing that.

MEV protection is also very important. There are “sandwich” bots active on the DEX, they check for your transaction in the mempool and frontrun you. Meaning you get less $GENSLR for your ETH and you feed a despicable part of the industry. DO NOT feed the MEV bots!


Install Requirements


Note: Chrome browser is used in this guide, the process should be the same for others.


Install MetaMask

  • Go to:
  • Click Install MetaMask For Chrome
  • This will open Extensions in your browser, click Add To Chrome button, you should see:


  • Click Add extension


  • You will now be directed to the MetaMask getting started page. Accept the terms and Create a new wallet.


  • The next page is Help us Improve MetaMask, you can choose either option, I prefer No Thanks.


  • Time to set a password, you need this to unlock the wallet, on this specific device. Record this password somewhere safe, please do not store it on this same device!


  • Secure your wallet, this is where you will reveal and record your 12 word recovery phrase. Record this phrase in multiple safe locations. If you lose this and something happens to your wallet you have no way to recover it. If you have it safe you can restore your wallet anywhere, anytime, on any device that supports MetaMask. Safe, encrypted USB, safe deposit box are all good options, you should use more than one.


  • Next you will need to confirm you have recorded your recovery phrase by filling in the missing word.


  • Wallet Creation Successful, click on Got It! and follow the instructions for pinning MetaMask on your browser.


  • Enable security alerts, I do not choose this, I rely on WalletGuard.


Add WalletGuard

  • Go to the site:
  • Click Add To Browser. The process is the same as adding the MetaMask extension.
  • Once added you will be directed to the WalletGuard extension page. You should see it has successfully added MetaMask.


The default settings should be fine for most, so you can leave them as is.


Add MEV Blocker

Go to and click on Get Protected then Add To Wallet.


Go ahead an click through and Approve when asked, finally you will be asked to switch network, this is what you want, go for it.

NOWPlease tell me you did not just blindly do this, you didn’t right? If you did and I was a bad guy you would have just lost everything. Always verify, always DYOR (Do Your Own Research). Luckily for you I am not a bad guy, let’s continue.

If everything works the way it should you will see:


Congratulations you are now setup to buy and sell GENSLR or any other ETH tokens in a better way then many others that have been in the space for years.


Import GENSLR To MetaMask

In order to buy and sell GENSLR on DEXs we need to import it into MetaMask. It is important that you get this from an official source, I will use CoinMarketCap (thanks Goat).

  • Go to the GENSLR page on CMC.
  • Find the contract address on left and click on MetaMask icon.

This will open your MetaMask agree / accept the prompts and GENSLR will be added.



I will use DexTools, the process will be similar on other DEX such as Uniswap.


  • Go to the DexTools.
  • On the left you will see SWAP | Pool info, click Ok, got it on disclaimer.
  • Click Connect Wallet and select MetaMask.
  • Click Next, then Connect.

That is it you are now ready to trade GENSLR. A few things to keep in mind:


  • If you are looking to trade just a few $100 it is probably better to use a CEX, as ETH fees have been quite high. CEX reduces this, please check the official GENSLR site for the CEX that are available.


  • Slippage: You can leave it on auto. If you are making very large transactions you should split them into smaller transactions. You can also set a manual % of slippage. You can read in detail about slippage here.

Welcome to the GENSLR movement! If you run into issues or have questions please join the Telegram channel. There is a outstanding community there happy to help you out.