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The Good Gary Gensler community is very driven and passionate about the movement, and keen to spread the word. Much of this happens on Twitter. There are good ways and bad ways to spread the $GENSLR movement.


Good $GENSLR Twitter Interactions


  • Only comment or retweet with GENSLR related content or tags on relevant tweets and replies. Spamming $GENSLR on completely unrelated tweet or replies looks bad, you are hurting the movement not helping it.


  • Like all “good” replies on GENSLR based tweets. Don’t just like the original tweet, like all of the replies. If it is a tweet that is likely to have lots of future replies, check back on it once and awhile and like all new replies.


  • If you retweet take the time to make a comment with the retweet and include a couple tags. This gives more weight with the algo than just a retweet.


  • Bookmarking tweets gives as much wait on the algo as commenting.


  • Mix up retweets and commenting. Do not always do just one or the other, mix them up.


  • When you comment include a sentence and a couple of tags (see next point).


  • Do not use excessive tags or the same tags over and over. Use max three tags on a reply or retweet.


  • Mix up relevant tags: $GENSLR #genslertapes #movementcoin #stand4crypto #protestcoin #Crypto #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #NFTs #memecoin #memecoins #meme



  • Take the time to attach a GENSLR based meme, visuals always get more interaction and visibility.


  • Screentime boosts posts, see below screen from Elon


In a nutshell try and keep it classy, not spammy. Quality over quantity is a win on Twitter!


$GENSLR War Cries

There are a few key catchy “lines” that the GENSLR army uses on Twitter, you should use these sometimes!

  • Buy $GENSLR Bye Gensler
  • Buy $GENSLR = Bye Gensler
  • Buy $GENSLR to fire Gensler
  • Buying $GENSLR is firing $gensler

Have fun and send a powerful message with class!