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My Grandpa may he rest in peace escaped from the Iron Curtain VIA tunnel and train in his early twenties. He chose Canada as his destination, it was not easy he faced major obstacles at every turn. He was tough and he persevered finally making it into British Columbia where he settled and lived for the rest of his life. He died of lung cancer at age 85.


What does this have to do with me and $GENSLR?


My grandpa was a man of few words, but when he talked you listened because you knew it was important. One day he asked me to follow him, he went into his bedroom and slid his bed over. He motioned for me to come over as he bent over and pushed on the floor, a board popped loose. Perfectly crafted that board only come lose by pressure in one precise spot.

Inside their was a row of cash money stacked by denomination, it was not a lot, maybe three of four thousand dollars. He looked at me and said “never trust a banker, a used car salesman or a fat cop. I show you this so you know where it is incase something happens to me, you take it. But if you do, you never put it in a bank“.

That moment has always stuck with me, and I have never kept much in the bank. When I learned about Crypto in 2016, everything clicked, this was the answer. I am sure if my grandpa was still alive he would have approved with a nod of his head.


What does this have to do with me and $GENSLR?


I am working on it bear with me. I have been heavily into Crypto and Blockchain since 2017. But I have been on the other side of the industry, I have been the guy building the Blockchain projects that things like $GENSLR run on. I spent the last 5 years building a a large and successful Blockchain project, one that I hope one day will empower people with greater decentralization, useability, while staying easily affordable for everyone.

I have never even looked a meme coins or the NFT craze, I was completely and utterfly focused on building, and really none of them called to me.

Until April 20 2023 when a meme featuring Gary Gensler with cashtag $GENSLR flashed across my Twitter feed. I of course know very well who is this Gensler character and the SEC is. I have often wondered just how might the Blockchain industry fight back against what he has been doing. How can I as a single person make a difference, make my voice heard, against the unfairness of being forced into unfitting and archaic laws and policies more suitable for trading horses then digital assets.

When I saw this tweet on my timeline it resonated with me instantly, I had to check it out, and so I did. It was still quite small at that point, so I chilled in the Telegram to get a read on the vibe of the project. During that time I did my research, I checked the contract, the tokenomics, watched Good Gary and Pondering Goat to get a read on them.

Everything checked out, the vibe was great, and I was reminded of an old-school Cypherpunk community, if only it was on IRC! It soon became apparent to me that it was what I had hoped for, it was a way to speak out, a way to make a difference, a way to unite Crypto against a common enemy.

The $GENSLR Community

$GENSLR is a community project, there is no VC, no treasury, no central controlling entity. The community is extremely hard working, excellent at self moderation, and positively positive. It is organizing, and evolving into a giant, one that will not be ignored. But all of this, is done with a smile and a laugh, in good spirits, as Gary Gensler is memed into oblivion. It is a pleasure to be a part of.

If you are reading this and you a part of the Crypto industry, but you do not hold and $GENSLR and or are not participating and helping, what are you doing? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for somebody else to do it for you? Or do you think the problem is too big, your voice won’t be heard?

The way that this works, is we all come together, together our voice and power is undeniable. Make Gary Gensler and the SEC work for you! Think of holding $GENSLR as Gensler paying you, his incompetence and fumblings, his refusal to acknowledge problems, get some payback.


$GENSLR Has Transcended Shitcoin Status

I heard this in a community member video which you can see on the Videos page, and I loved it. I wholeheartedly agree, $GENSLR has become a true movement for the people, for Crypto and Blockchain.

I hope you will join us in doing your part to secure better and fair laws and policies for our industry!