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Why $Genslr


Meme coins are often misunderstood. To those who have never owned one they’re thought of as wasteful get rich quick scams that drain desperate people of their last $50. Some meme coins are guilty of this, but many are not.

Meme coins represent the future generation’s ability to make a statement with their own money. Doge, Shiba, Pepe; they’ve all pumped because that’s what people like. $Gensler is different. $Gensler is the first Meme coin that is a protest against unjust bureaucratic nonsense. Gensler won’t tell us what a security is until the projects we love like LBC and XRP, or the exchanges we use like Coinbase and Binance US break a rule that they didn’t know existed.

For that reason, we, the holders of Gensler, will continue to buy the token in order to force him to answer the question. The developers aren’t making money off of this. There is no hidden contract to rug the holders. It’s a totally organic community tired of unclarity in the crypto space. The use of the token $gensler is to make it reach such a large market cap that the next time Gensler testifies in Congress he is asked: is $Gensler a security.

And if many of us make money off of it than that’s the biggest single digit salute we can give.


This post was contributed by James from the official Good Gary $Genslr Telegram.